Cedar Rapids Podiatrist Dr. William Knudson
Offers Tips on Caring for Aging Feet

Getting old is a part of life. According to podiatrist William Knudson, formerly of Cedar Rapids, daily wear and tear on our feet can lead to other painful problems as we age. William Knudson witnessed many instances in his Cedar Rapids practice where the hurting feet of older patients pointed to other medical conditions including diabetes.

Dr. William Knudson, a long-time Cedar Rapids resident, offers readers some tips on caring for feet as we gracefully grow older. “I would tell my older patients in Cedar Rapids that the most important key to caring for feet as we age is simply wearing the proper shoes,” says William Knudson. Most of his Cedar Rapids patients, remembers William Knudson, had one foot larger than the other. So when they purchased shoes he reminded them that is important to have the larger foot measured. “I’d tell all of my patients in Cedar Rapids to never, ever buy shoes without trying them on first,” stressed William Knudson. Socks keep the feet dry, says William Knudson, who recently relocated his practice from Cedar Rapids, and that helps prevent fungus. In fact, William Knudson advised all of his older patients in Cedar Rapids to change their socks every day.

Another suggestion from William Knudson, long-time Cedar Rapids, Iowa resident, is to maintain good personal foot care. “There were patients in Cedar Rapids who were always on the go. I would tell them,” says Dr. William Knudson, “to prop up their feet when they were sitting down.” This one simple step, says former Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson, can help increase circulation. Another care tip to note is the importance of washing the feet every day, states Cedar Rapids’ William Knudson. After washing the feet, dry thoroughly in between toes to prevent fungus, he adds. Damp feet and toes in a warm sock environment, William Knudson would tell his Cedar Rapids patients, is a great place for fungus development.

Another tip for caring for our feet is to become aware of potential foot harms. Adding that he misses Cedar Rapids, Dr. William Knudson often coached his patients to examine their feet daily for any signs of minor injury or fungus. He points out that the federal government has a website (www.nia.nih.gov/health information/footcare.htm.) that quickly explains different fungal infections and how to treat or prevent them. The better we care for our feet as we age, concludes former Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson, the better our chances exist of staying active and mobile in our twilight years.

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